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Hello, World! I’m an iOS, Android and Web Developer. I’m founder of Appster.club, I love coffee and HTML is not a programming language.

My skills
Programmer Edvard Gray

my latest project

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App that calculates how much you can afford to spend per day till next pay check.

Platforms iOS, Web
My Roles Designer, iOS Developer, Full-stack Web Developer, DevOps
Developed 37 Days
Domain Appster.club
Languages Swift, Kotlin, Java 11, JavaScript, MySQL
Frameworks Spring Boot, Spring Security
Libraries iOS - RealmSwift, RxSwift, Alamofire, IQKeyboardManagerSwift, SwiftyJSON, Push Notification, In-app Purchase
Web - JWT Token, OkHttp, Hibernate Validator, Jackson, JPA, Thymeleaf, jQuery

My skills


Full-Stack web developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Database Designer
UI/UX Designer
Pro Googler

Programming Languages


How i develop apps?

Basic but very important

Before I do anything, I always ask my customers: what's the goal? who are the end users? what this app going to offer them? why users must choose your service or product instead of your competitors? By knowing answers to these questions, it gives me privilege to create a user interface that can sell the idea to users.


After understanding who are the users, now It's time to sketch-up a fast wireframe on paper to show client how many screens going to be on the app and functions of each element.

UI/UX Design

After wireframe gets approved by client, I convert all frames to photoshop and give them life by colours, fonts and images which can deliver your message best to the users.


Database is one the most important asset of any company and I put so much effort to design and develop a database which can escape repeated data to save storage and money for clients and handle all their expectations.

Development plan

Before I start to program I divide the app development to sections and each section with their own tasks to get the better understanding of my deadlines and where I should put more effort.

Handle Front-End

Coffee time! First thing I like to handle is user interface and user interactions with the app. Why? Because right side of my brain is already active by all the wireframes and designs I did before and it can help me to be more creative and make better user experience.

Handle Back-End

Now my favourite part, Backend, where I connect the app to remote database via Api or internal storage and write all the math, algorithm and logic behind, that app needs.


Before delivering the app to users, app must get through all sort of tests like UI/UX test, functional tests, error handling, versions, … and that's exactly what I do in this part. Boring but very critical.

Clean up

Now that everything is ready to publish, I clean up the debugging codes and add more comments to documentation for next programmer.


App is ready to use, all we need is some more context and images to publish the app in App Store or Google Play to make it available to everyone and earn some money.

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Am i a team player?

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Like to know myself as a communicator

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Keep my promises

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Very flexible to changes

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Open to new ideas

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Speak up on potential problems

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I’m very committed to my job


Learn fast and work hard


Creative and confident of my skills


A team player


I value your time and mine

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“I'm self-taught programmer, very passion of my profession and goal oriented. I'm constantly learning and open to new challenges. I love to create and make lives better.”